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Birkenhead Engine Exchange LTD

Engine Reconditioners - Full Engine Parts Service. We offer our customers a cost effective engine solution.

Welcome to Birkenhead Engine Exchange Ltd

Engine reconditioners and full engine parts service

There are many factors that have made our company one of the most successful engine remanufacturers in the area. Efficiency, knowledge, dedication and hard work are some of the most important elements which have been a way of life for everyone involved with the business.

The company was founded on a philosophy which we feel very passionately about. This is a code of honesty and courtesy which we base all of our dealings on. It is these values that have given us the excellent reputation we enjoy today. The loyalty of our staff and suppliers has enabled the firm to steadily expand to become the major organisation we are today.

However, there is one person whom we have the greatest respect for and always treat with the utmost care - that person is you, our customer.

About Us

Established in 1981 Birkenhead Engine Exchange Ltd offer customers a more cost effective engine solution. Our experts can re-manufacture your existing engine instead of replacing it. All our engines we have in stock to supply are of the Original Engine Code, Original Serial Numbers and Original Specifications. Our experts provide you with a full report after inspecting your engine, identifying its current condition and what, if any, additional work or parts may be required to re-manufacture and re-instate your engine. Our re manufactured engines come with a full warranty.

We specialize in complete engine rebuilds ranging from a small 1.0 litre engine all the way up to a 15 litre Truck engine. We oversee vehicles from small to more mid-range vehicles etc.. leading to more larger prestige vehicles.

With trustworthiness and reliability we have built up a strong business rapport over the years with our customers and clients.

We Can Re-Build Your Engine

Let's face it, buying a new car these days can cost a pretty penny. In this economic downturn, you might not be able to get the finances together to put down money on a used, let alone, new car. If your car needs a new engine and you just can't afford to buy a new vehicle, have you ever considered rebuilding its engine?

When a car suffers major engine damage usually the first thought that comes to mind is to get rid of the vehicle which oftentimes may not be the best economical route to go down.


Why should people invest in rebuilding their vehicle's engine's as opposed to just getting rid of their car?


Rebuilding an engine is an economical option when the engine's performance is the motivation in seeking a new or used car. Since the rebuilding process basically makes the engine "new" again, you can basically double the mileage you get from the car that you already own. Rebuilding an engine brings the cost per mile driven down drastically. The actual cost per mile benefit has too many individual differences to pin down.

Purchase price and miles driven are the key cost variances.

Since today's cars rarely rust out, their suspensions last longer and there are fewer dramatic model design changes (which are other common reasons to get rid of a car), it makes sense to extend the return on your vehicle investment through rebuilding your engine.

Buying a new or "newer" car usually comes with a pretty high price tag. Even most lease programs have hefty down payments.

So when you can actually rebuild your engine for the same amount as a down payment, well, in a tight money economy, people are wise to look at, or consider this option.


After an engine has been repowered or rebuilt does the performance improve? (Is this a valid question?)


Very valid question...the short answer is "YES!" The longer answer is "Absolutely!" Rebuilding restores the engine compression which means more power basically. It will also improve it's efficiency so it gets back it's fuel economy. Go the performance rebuilding route and you can go racing which is something your showroom car couldn't possibly do. Another plus, rebuilt engines also emit fewer pollutants.

For more information, contact us today.

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